Eco Road Surfacing

Ua Neill has collaborated with PPRC to develop road surfacing materials that incorporate a high percentage of recycled content sourced from waste streams that would otherwise end up in landfills or stockpiles.

This sustainable and eco-friendly innovation brings substantial sustainability and performance benefits to our customers and their communities, without introducing increased environmental risks. By utilizing recycled materials in our product mix design, Ua Neill Eco asphalt enhances durability and resistance to cracking, significantly improving the fatigue life of the road surface.

Performance testing of Ua Neill Eco asphalt has demonstrated an impressive up to 65% improvement in fatigue life and exceptional deformation resistance, making it highly capable of withstanding heavy vehicular traffic.

The advantages of Ua Neill Eco asphalt extend beyond performance improvements. The product offers an increased pavement life of approximately 15% or 3 years, an enhanced capacity to handle higher traffic volumes by around 20%, and a potential pavement thickness reduction of about 10%. Moreover, Ua Neill Eco asphalt remains cost-competitive with standard asphalt. While pricing depends on various factors such as material composition and recycled content percentage, when considering the product’s performance over its lifespan, Ua Neill Eco asphalt proves to have significantly lower whole-life costs compared to standard asphalt applied in similar applications.