Ua Neill Eco construction specialize in eco-friendly solutions, including eco-friendly concrete, steel reinforcement, concrete construction, early works construction, facility upgrades, and new builds. One of our notable achievements is the development of eco-friendly, low-carbon concretes, which aim to facilitate easier access to sustainable construction materials.

Through this development, we have successfully reduced the CO2 emissions associated with standard CEM I concrete by up to 85 percent. This significant reduction supports contractors and clients in meeting their carbon reduction targets. Additionally, our eco-friendly concretes offer enhanced long-term durability to structures and contribute to the conservation of natural resources for future generations. Since they do not require material quarrying, they help prevent the disposal of waste in landfills.

Our eco-friendly concretes has undergone rigorous laboratory testing for compressive strength, density, and dimensional accuracy. We can provide test certificates upon request, ensuring transparency and quality assurance for our products.